America fights back

Bahman Mahmoudi writes: President George W. Bush and his Vice-President Dick Chaeyney have concluded that it is time to straighten the record so that history would reflect a better image of their imperial rule and collect better speaking fees.

Mr. Cheyney suggested to deport all Iranians and let them go home and enjoy the fruits of the Islamiic revolution in 1979.

The State Department objected to the plan because some of the states such as California, Georgia, Illinois and New York would lose the majority of their wealthy residents and with the current real este crisis, Beverly Hills woud be particularly hit hard.

Therefore it was decided that it was cheaper to attack Iran and get rid of President Ahmadinejad and find another ruler for the country and start the 1953 revolution all over again with new and approved actors.

So,t he Bush /Cheyney army attacked Iran and and after 10 years of war, it was decided to declare victory and leave Iran in the middle of the night.

Iranian revolutionaries celebrated thier victories in towns and villages and decided to collect their war booty like the Vientmese and the other nations defeated by the Yankees by coming to the United States and taking over all the profitable businesses.

Azaris took over 7-11s and gasoline stations while Ghazvinis and Ghomis took over gay bars and liquor stores in San Fransisco to provide R & R for the Islamic clergy and the revoloutionary guards.

After a period of prosperity and calm, the former warriors decided America was too good to spoil and destroy — like they had done to Iran. But the Iranian government would not take them back so they were sent to Guantanamo which Bush and   Cheyney in their infinite wisdom had prepared.

It’s a shame  Saddam Hossein is not around to get a kick out of all this.

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