The “D” Word.

“D” stands for Depression, and that seems to be the sentiment all around. Call it “too close for comfort”, but I can count at least

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Remembering the unforgettable

It is said that “powerlessness frustrates and absolute powerlessness frustrates absolutely; absolute frustration is a dangerous emotion to run a world with.” Sometimes I wonder

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I clearly remember the moment I heard the news on the morning of Sept 11th 2001: I didn’t feel anything. It didn’t strike me at

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Separation of mosque & citizens

Today, September 11th 2007, the Committee of Ex-Muslims is officially founded in The Netherlands. Ehsan Jami (22), a young Iranian member of the city council

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Setareh Sabety

Then and now

It has been six years since the 9/11 attacks. I remember that day. It is one of those days that are stamped with a slow

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Marriage and Evolution

Do you believe in Evolution? In Marriage? Just a thought: If everything from species, plants, economy, and socio-political environments go through evolutionary process, then why

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Not important

It has already been six years ever since a few thousand Americans died in America because of some Muslim attackers who violated American lives and

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