Your wish has come true

One of the joys of running this site has always been organizing letters to the editor. They are as raw and real as they can get. Look at these sweet letters to Googoosh BEFORE she decided to leave Iran and make a comeback. Or the honest debate about Bahais. Or reader’s comments on the 20th anniversary of the revolution.

The reason why they are so much fun to read is that I almost never delete a comment, no matter how short, long, stupid or abusive it may be. That’s what makes life colorful… variation. Each individual has unique tastes and view points and uses his or her own particular way to convey them. If you only leave in the polite ones or the ones you like, you exclude a chunk of the readership that is not only opposed to your thoughts but also angry, for one reason or another.

We live in a world where everybody is pissed about something. So instead of letting that anger grow, instead of ignoring it and pretend it doesn’t exist, let’s hear it and respond to it. Listen to everything — or as much diverse voices as you can — and you will gradually get to appreciate how wonderful tolerance is. You will stop hating people you disagree with. Instead of booing or punching them, you actually start to use your brain and try to put them down with the force of your own words.

And it is this exchange that does wonders. I’ll be honest with you: I hardly ever agree with anything people write on this site but every single article or comment has had some impact on me, unconsciously. Can’t help it.

Now where am I going with all this non-sense? Well, my point is that you need the greatest amount of freedom for the greatest possible diversity. So I am happy to announce that from this moment on EVERYBODY can leave a comment below articles, photos, cartoons, etc. You do not need to register.

We were hoping that most people would see value in registering. But since the launch of the new design, it has become apparent that the registration process has not appealed to average users. I got lots of feedback about this and the number one complaint was the need to register.

I heard you loud and clear! Your wish has come true.

The registration process is now required only if you want to start a blog or write articles on a regular basis. Otherwise you are free to roam and moan on the site all you want :o)


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