Polygamy; Iranian Style – in North America

I just got off the phone. It has happened again! It’s not new anymore and I am not surprised! She dumped him since she decided she doesn’t want to share him with another woman! Tough decision though as she likes him very much!It seems like a trend these days: Iranian men have lost their place, they don’t have the role of a provider anymore, they don’t have the power of a family man. They have lost their place in the society! Iranian men are confused! Those with money have found a way out: polygamy – Iranian Style! They make women confused on what they really want from them. I assume they try to be nice! But they have learned there are things to obtain out of this chaos! They can have two, three, four women to “hang out” with! Normally one is used as the most formal and the rest for different occasions and different groups of friends. One as the main and others for “rooze mabaadaa”! Of course they don’t live with any of them to keep their space for all those divorcees, widows, or even still married who are looking for a rush! These guys have both “khodaa” and “khormaa”, the new and the old, the good and the bad, the sophisticated and the trash! Is it the “insecurity” or just a good “eshtehaa”? Desperate women accept this phenomenon; Those more radical and proud, reject it all together! And I am confused what the answer is for those who suffer the consequences. How is it going to change the future for our kids? And is there anything we can do?


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