Extreme Makeover; Bush style

A few years ago, talk shows like Oprah (for normal house wives) and Sally Jessie Raphael & Ricky Lake (for the white trash variety house wives) started having make over shows. They would take semi good looking women, give them a dye job, hair cut, professional makeup, nice clothing & shoes and basically transform them into a good looking sexy women.

Fastforward to 2004 when the ABC network started having “extreme makeover show” where in addition to hair cuts and nice shoes, the people on the show would actually have plastic surgeons and cosmetic dental surgeons do liposuction, breast implants and sometimes very serious reconstructive surguries on them.

As I reflect on what Bush and the neoconservatives have done to/in Iraq, it reminds me of a makeover show. But instead of a person a country is being made over; too look good according to the standards of white super rich middle aged Christian men.

Iraq was to be mistress # 2 for the U.S. For the past 40 years, Israel has been U.S.’s mistress. U.S. has financially supported all along and she has always been on U.S.’s side. But now there is a need and desire for a new, younger & sexier mistress. Her name is Iraq.

Bush and his buddies dreamt of an Iraq with a democratically elected government which would ultimately be under the control of Washington.

An Iraq with a Billion dollar U.S. embassy, 7 military bases, proximity to Iran, Russia, the Persian gulf, the oil etc etc, Iraq sure sounds like a very desireable mistress.

What Bush and his buddies didn’t take into account was that not everone is going to roll over and play dead just because…….

Lets hope Bush is not looking for a 3rd mistress since #2 didn’t quite workout the way he had hoped.


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