Hajiagha’s Dictionary

Raw innocence is the best comedy. Professional comedy is the ability to create raw innocence.

I am one of the thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of those who read and follows Hajiagha’s cartoons. Since the format change we’re all following his comments too. I wish him well. I hope he doesn’t get offended by this posting and just sees the good humor in it.

We’ve all had our moments and smiles when dealing with coworkers, friends and our own families, heck even ourselves at one point or another, stumbling on English words by either pronouncing it wrong or spelling it wrong. I guess when we hear some words we register it in our minds as similar to something else, or something that we know of. Those words often mean something else. This is not just Hajiagha, it includes Hispanics and all other nationalities that we happily live, work or go to school with. So I thought to post this blog and some of you know what I’m talking about. Please post misspellings, mispronunciations AND phrases or sentences you’ve heard over the years or hear every day.

We all need a special dictionary to be able to communicate with coworkers, friends and family. Webster’s dictionary won’t work. In honor of Hajiagha, lets call this Hajiagha’s Dictionary.

Viva Hajiagha!

Left Truck = Lift Truck
Master Baiting = Masturbating
Rung = Wrong
Seating on your ass = sitting on your ass
expainsive = expensive
reality world = real world
mined your own business = mind your own business
if you don’t liked be shot f**k off and don’t looked = if you don’t like it shut the f**k up and don’t look
shalter = shelter
rocket since = rocket science
marride = married
is so expensive = it is so expensive
you right = you are right
great 12 = 12th grade

add more …. 😉

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