“Marg bar dictator”

BeyondMedia writes: On October 8 Ahmadinejad under high security gave speech in closed doors to selected supporters while students of Tehran University were blocked from entering the auditorium.

Some of the Iranian students slogans and posters were:

“Death to Dictator”, “Free imprisoned students”, “We have questions too, Why only Columbia?” , “Here is Columbia too”, “In Columbia yes, in Tehran no?”, “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad source of poverty and corruption”, “Freedom is our definite right”, “Fashist government should be destroyed”, “Shame on the regime leave the university”, “student torture is condemned”. “we don’t want dictator regime, we don’t want mercenary police”, “political prisoners must be freed”, “shame on police, leave the university”, “Fashist president, university is not your place”.

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