I was going to write this blog two nights ago, before I left for the hospital early in the morning. I had an operation to remove a ping-pong size ball of fat from my neck (cyst?). It had been there for more than 10 years. It didn’t bother or hurt or anything but I have been noticing it more and more so I thought maybe it’s time to get rid of it. My doctor agreed too.

So I was determined to write this just in case I didn’t survive the operation. I would have been very happy if these were my last words on earth :o)


I got this email:

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 10:40:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: berim faza <>
Subject: ads in

Dear Mr. Javid,

This is my 3rd e-mail to you. I have been a loyal fan of for past 8 years. I have recently created a website of my own. and I want to ask you to give me a link in I know might not be an adult site but i have seen in the past that you have given links to such sites such as or If you think doing this for free is not possible i am willing to pay for it. I know you are a busy man but i would appreciate it if you give me a direct answer.


First of all, how did I miss his first two emails? I don’t know. I’m sorry I did. My first reaction was that there’s no way I could recommend an Iranian sex site. I did link a couple of these sites a few years ago because they were among the first in the field. They were news. But these days there are so many adult web sites and there’s hardly anything new or interesting about them.

When I went to, I almost died. I had seen one or two Iranian home-made sex videos (the same ones you saw… they were all over the net). But this site has a whole stash of amateur videos of people having sex in Iran. Look what cheap digital cameras and mobile phones have enabled people to do in God’s country … it’s shocking, hilarious, disturbing, fascinating, and occasionally erotic.

To me, it’s mostly fascinating and hilarious with a voyeuristic twist. I know people in Iran are no different than those anywhere else in the world. There are people in every country making  adult movies.

But what makes these extraordinary is that they take place in a state that sees itself as the torch-bearer of Islam (ghorboone ammash)  and has the strictest rules on anything to do with men and women’s private matters.

And I watch these incredible videos and laugh out loud by myself in the room: human nature is so much more powerful than man- or “god”-made rules.

Some of the women in these videos are obviously prostitutes (including one who takes care of her customer right in front of her 2-year-old) but most are not. Some have no idea they are being filmed. Some pose as if they love every second of it. Probably none had any idea one day they would be watched by the whole world. The men (except in rare cases) are gross, creepy and insensitive (and people say Iranian women are bad lovers. Really? Well, look at these fucking men! No wonder!).

Now I can say I’ve seen it all and I’m telling everyone I meet as if it’s the most important news ever.

Would I put their ad on I don’t think it would be appropriate :o)))

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