The Beatles

Please calm down, it is true and wonderful. Nobody had heard of them before, they were just a local wonder in Liverpool and not yet known outside of the UK.
It was the age of the shaking Elvis from Memphis, and the other similar young groups.
We had been traveling through Europe all summer long and were finally in Hamburg.
My brother was coming to join us there, I had suffered through German, French, and Italian languages.
There is nothing more disgusting than not being able to communicate with people around you, and you can not possibly learn all the spoken languages.
Can you imagine getting mad at somebody and not being able to cuss.
Thank God almost everyone understands the universal language of the middle finger salute.
I was in bad mood when my brother arrived, he had been tasting the European life style for the past six years and was knocking up the young German teenagers who were suffering from a shortage of men, due to the enlightenment by the Nazis to take over the whole world and make it better.
My brother was over six feet tall and was in his Julius Cesar hair style.
He had already knocked up six fair skinned and blond haired German teenage beauties, and was sacrificing his summer to be with us and be our guide.
He took us to a night club called “Cafe Case” which means “Cafe Cheese” in German.
It was a special type of night club. It was a place for the widowed and young
German Nazi girls to meet and dance with the opposite sex.
It was before the invasion of the young hungry men from Greece, Turkey and the middle East for the frustrated German lovelies.
I had a horrible time at the club, everybody was after my brother and even my father.
A shorty like me did not have a chance to score a hit with these northern beauties.
Next night we went to the next-door night club which was called “Top Ten”
and had English rock and roll bands.
There were these four young men with long hairs and strange looking outfits playing marvelous music and singing simple songs such as I want to hold your hands.
It was simple enough for me to understand and remember.
During their break, I went to the restroom and was standing beside the tall guy
and told him I had not heard such beautiful music in a long time, who was writing for them?
He told me his name was John Lennon and with his buddy, who was in the next stall they wrote all their own materials.
He said their manager had arranged for them to come to Germany and play in “Top Ten” club.
It was where a lot of foreigners who understood good rock and roll came.
I brought my mom and dad and told them that they were watching the music history being made.
I introduced John and Paul to my mom and dad and we had a good time with them.
The other two guys were not as sociable, friendly and fun.
Later, we started hearing their music all over Europe and noticed they they were going to be very big and we might not be able to see them and enjoy them in person again.
I am sorry that we have lost two of them, I feel they really changed the music world and made it much better.
Thank you guys wherever you are

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