Cowboy pathology

“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing”; this cowboy does not ride the horse. The horse rides the cowboy, literally!

One could argue, the journey to Iraq war started in a small farm ranch in Enumclaw, Washington, USA. Some time into Iraq’s future on July 2, 2005 following death of a man who was identified as a 45-year-old Seattle resident. After reviewing the videotapes evidence showing bestiality, Enumclaw Police investigators determined the man had died due to injuries received as a result of sex with horse. One commentator stated; “It’s not natural for animals to do this”.

Yes, we would have to agree. It is not normal for a society to ignore the wrongs it does to humans or animals. Yet, we clearly see a mass pathology that is griping the US of A. It starts at a very basic level. Society is defined by its culture and that includes every day language. A couple of decades ago, it would have been rare occurrence to hear or see explicit or graphic sexual language in general public or on mass media level. Nowadays, it is very common and the exposure starts from elementary school level. By some statistics, more than half of all American teenagers would have had experienced both illicit drugs and/or oral sex by age 15.

Sexual trends and frequent incidents of vicious gang rapes, though are an important indicators, they are by no means the primary cause of social ills. In some cases as above, sex is a diversion or outlet for other problems. It can, however, be an indicator to, or byproducts of much bigger social ills.

We have to look at the bigger picture to understand those little nuances and the resulting byproducts such as the “Columbine massacre”, “Abu Ghraib torture”, “Guantanamo” … and the “planned rape of Iraq ? (Fullojha genocide)”.

Though, these “incidents” may seem to be unrelated at first, but as we peel away the socioeconomic layers we will discover they are very much related. There is a Synergy between various contributing factors that collectively lead to this mass pathology.

But one wonders why there is an absence of public outrage. Can the absence of the public outrage or outcry for justice be taken as another indicator of things to come? Can we chart the trajectory of this pathology and navigated safely?

The leads to this discovery start by “following the” socioeconomic “money” trail so to speak.

In brief, over the past 50 years US economy has shifted from manufacturing base towards service industry. Central to any service industry is the human resource ie, workforce as opposed to Intellectual Property. With free trade and globalization, as US work force entered into competition within the global workplace, it had to make some adjustment to be able to compete in global economy. One of the adjustments the US work force had to make is to come to terms with the fact that long-term employment is a thing of the past. “The statistics show that workers between the ages of 18 and 38 change jobs an average of 10 times”.

The point is that insecurity and family instability is being socially engineered into fabric of society. This is a fact of life in USA. By some estimates at least 20% of the US population has no medical insurance of any kind. And those who have some kind of insurance may be subject to limited coverage.

To fill this void, the US government the biggest US employer has perfected the art of social engineering INSECURITY into a science. How else new army of recruits can be convinced or motivated to join the arms services arguably in one of the richest nation in the world. US government has helped to create the demand part of the arms services surplus supply economy. This year alone US government has plans to budget $600 billion dollar plus for the arms services. Balance this budget against social care for working family and draw your own conclusions.

Does US government care more for genocide (aka US democracy) in Iraq than the welfare of its own citizens?

Not according to Alan Greenspan former Fed chairman; “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.”

If we to agree with Alan Greenspan, than, we have to agree that the pathology goes much deeper and 911 was (manufactured?) an opportunity to create mass hysteria.

The “Shock and awe” strategy was a two prong attack. On one hand, conduct psychological warfare (PSYWAR)” in which misinformation is a primary tool to paralyze all opposition to war. On the other hand, externally, demonstrate application of power to paralyze military foe.

But the business of killing mass population requires a degree of emotional detachment. Sociopath can make for perfect killing soldier. However, real Sociopaths rise to presidency and get to run the show and the rest have to be manufactured through social conditioning and misinformation.

With ever more job insecurity and requirements for success, the American way of life is optimized for the survival of the psychopaths If not a genetically real psychopath, than at lease those who are capable of adapting the psychopathic behavior.

The WMD misinformation has been unraveled. Now it is officially a public secret; Americans have killed and continue to kill Iraqi children for OIL. Yet, the Iraq war and the misinformation war continues hand in hand. At every opportunity, the US government blames Iran for its misfortune in Iraq. The Neocon political weavers are busy with their next act of misdirection as they hone on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) inside Iran.

So back to the question; Can we chart the trajectory of the pathology and navigated safely?

It partly depends on the US own citizens and how hard are they willing to fight to claim back their own country. US must leave Iraq and stop unconditional support for Israel.

US will have to pay for oil just like the rest of the world. There are no free lunch in ME.

Unfortunately, the Palestine and Iraqi war tell us a different tale. The lesson is as long as a country is vulnerable that country will be subjected to force.

Iraq war was as much about oil as for securing the future of Zionism.

Prospect of war and destruction is inherently the legacy of Zionism. Fathers who choose to give such legacy to their children can hope their children do their dirty work for them:

“for no reason – he didn’t throw a stone, did nothing – bang, a bullet in the stomach, he shot him in the stomach and the guy is dying on the pavement and we keep going, apathetic.”

“He grabbed the boy. I am a degenerate if I am not telling you the truth. He broke his hand here at the wrist, broke his leg here. And started to stomp on his stomach, three times, and left. We are all there, jaws dropping, looking at him in shock…

‘The next day I go out with him on another patrol, and the soldiers are already starting to do the same thing.”

The Islamic world has no choice but to create an alliance like NATO to defend itself. Iran will have to have nuclear deterrence  to avoid any future war.

Peace will be won but will not be given. PEACE is what we all want.

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