Make Love, Not War!

Ok, admittedly, this may sound like a bit of a hippy rant, but i read so many comments from people who say what im about to re-iterate! I just cant understand where all the swearing and rudeness and insults are getting us? Of course we should be allowed to express ourselves, but perhaps we should consider “Constructive Criticism” and not all out slanging matches! Insults never improve a situation and they just breed more insults and hatred.

Maybe im just clueless, maybe you will write insulting comments underneath my blog too. But i am embarassed for people like our very own “Hajiagha” who feel the need to insult others, find reasons to expell hatred and general disgruntlement. Why? We are small fish swimming in a big sea, the only way we become visible is when we group together. I dont read Hajiagha’s cartoons anymore because they are disturbing. Not through content, but through the blatant and extremely apparent hatred that their creator clearly seems to have toward the world. Sadly he taints the beautiful words, poems and pictures of others who write on and so encountering his misery is unavoidable.

We have enough problems with Iran being lined up for potential attack, with people hating us and not understanding our culture and just signing us off as “Axis-of-Evil” co-conspirators. We should take a leaf out of the Jewish & Israeli’s books…. They ALWAYS support each other, NO MATTER what! And whilst i dont agree or support their politics in any way, shape or form, i think is it wrong to HATE people. No matter what. Our hatred does nothing except pollute the world, confusing people and generating even more hatred and unrequired idealism.

What ever happened to “Make Love, Not War”…????

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