My Heart Does Not Beat Half-fast

She said I do not dare to give myself all
I said I love no other way than full

She said I need to keep a piece of my heart for myself
I said love comes not in bits and pieces

She said I have been hurt in the past
I said that was for you to see the real one from the rest

She said I know no other way
I said I am here to show you the real way

She said but how can I trust you?
I said ask real yourself

She said how can you trust me?
I said cause I ask myself.

She said these things are only found in story books,
I said…you romantic fool … I do not indulge in fables.

She said it is too late, the walls around my heart are already cemented
I said the sound of my heartbeat will bring them down the way the original sound created love itself

She said do not speak to me this way, my heart trembles
I said it is not my words moving your heart, but the beat of my heart

She said please go easy, I do not want to fall too fast,
I said, falcons do not hunt in slow motion

She said I am afraid
I said courage is measured by the amount of fear felt

She said what if?
I said do you plan to live forever?

She said take my hands
I said nothing … as my lips were glued to hers.

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