Grim thoughts


Grim Thoughts

As this year ends, as end it must,
As we must someday end in dust,
Salute the brave hours we have known
And not the cowardice we’ve shown
In knowing that which should be said
But keeping silent as the dead,
And letting leaders lead us on
The paths that none should tread upon.

Leora Douraghy
December 31, 2006



A sprig of green transported in a hidden bottle
Grew into a Persian garden
Filling our room
With the ardent perfume
Of a distant land.

Months passed
Before the twig consented
To accept the foreign sun,
And slowly let thin roots descend
Into the strange water.

More months went by before a tiny bud emerged.
Then a leaf.
Then a branch.
Then more bright leaves.
Then a fragrant white star –
A wonder that lasted but a day –
Then fell
Turned pink
Turned brown
And melted back into the black earth.

Our visitor had come to stay,
And year by year grew stronger
Until spring and summer days
Were sweet with jasmine.

Now, spring and summer nights
Are filled with showers of white stars
That find their way into our bed.

Leora Douraghy
September 2006

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