How the Mukasey nomination is related to Iran

It looks like Michael Mukasey, the man who is currently undergoing a Senate confirmation process to be the nation’s next attorney general will get the job afterall.

Democrats could have blocked his committee nomination, but two of them, Chuck Schumer of New York and Diane Feinstein of California just announced that they would support him anyway in spite of reservations. What do Schumer, Feinstein and Mukasey have in common? All three are pro-Israel Zionists and are strongly supported by AIPAC.

Earlier last month Mukasey stated on the record that he does not know if the medieval practice of water-boarding constitutes “torture.” This appalled many Americans and caused his nomination to be opposed by Human Rights First. However his performance, as his entire candidacy was widely interpreted as problematic but “much better than expected.” This judgement widely relies on the fact that Mukasey was an early favorite of Chuck Schumer himself. The Democratic Senator had forwarded his name to the White House. Later on, Mukasey received the stamp of approval from the nations most powerful lobby, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Mukasey may be far removed from the kind of cronyism that plagued the Alberto Gonzalez administration, but ideologically he is very much in tune with Bush and the war on terror. An Orthodox Jewish immigrant from Belarus, Mukasey’s judicial history is tied to terrorism. He prosecuted the case against the first world trade center bombings and he was involved in a case related to 9/11 attacks. His ambiguous statement on torture, is thus not a coincidence. There’s a good chance he has classified information about toture being used in America, possibly against Americans.

But perhaps the most important reason to shove Mukasey through the process and put pressure on someone like Feinstein to go out on a limb in favor of someone who plays games with water boarding, is something else altogether. A federal trial against two AIPAC agents who are facing charges of espionage is set to start early next year. The case is strong and if it succeeds, it would be very very embarrassing for the Bush Administration, Israel and AIPAC. White House officials are even . The Attorney General of the United States would be instrumental in the outcome of that case. Mukasey could block the more embarrassing probes for evidence. The case and the scandal revolves around secret information being passed to Israel about – you guessed it – Iran.

Bernard Kennetz said it best:

The Gonzales replacement, Michael Mukasey, another pro-Israeli Zionist, is now needed to suppress the investigations of AIPAC and members of the Bush administration, and to drop the charges against the spies for Israel, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.

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