Swim forever little goldfish!

Oh I missed her so much! Eversince switching to the new design the only thing I have missed about the old iranian.com has been the swimming goldfish.

It was originally created by Mehrdad Aref-Adib for Norooz a couple of years ago. The fish is of course one of the symbols of life — not only on Sofreh Haft-Seen but in Iranian art and culture — for centuries (feel free to correct me). So Mehrdad’s creation was very appropriate and tasteful for the occasion.

But Norooz came and went and I didn’t want to change the logo back. That sweet little thing took my heart and whenever I see her I always smile… I come alive. (My cousin has a goldfish in his kitchen… I always say hello to her like I’m petting a dog!)

So when the new site design took off in August, Ardalan Payvar proposed the current logo — without the fish. I liked it — a lot — even though the great majority of people I’ve asked have said they don’t care much for it. To me the curves in the font make it kind of playful and carefree, like a court jester’s hat… sort of. But still, I missed the goldfish.

A few days ago I emailed Mehrdad and asked him if he could insert an animated goldfish on the new logo. He did it in a matter of hours. And it’s mighty beautiful. I’m so thrilled… isn’t she the cutest thing? :o)

Mehrdad Jan… yek donya mamnoon!


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