Oil Drillers

The whole country was mapped and all the possible locations for the oil wells were marked and numbered on a map.

It made it much easier and more straightforward to instruct the oil drillers where to go and start drilling.

Each driller had its own equipments, trailers, eating facilities, communication equipments and the power generation.

The equipments were all skid mounted and ready to go at a moment notice.

They were charging their clients per an agreed hourly rates.

During the drilling, samples were taken and sent to the special labs to determine their progress.

The drillers were not paid, when they were instructed to stop and move to a new location.

To eliminate loss of income and maximize their profits, all kinds of political games are played.

One of them was to pretend that they had not received the instructions.

To eliminate this excuse, it was decided to place base station communiction equipment on strategic loctions in the oil drilling opertion area.

The equipment were inside sealed metaic cabinets, powered by solar panels and had air conditioning to prevent equipment failres.

I had to travele to all the driling areas and inspect and test the euipment for the reliability of operation.

I founf the drillers, a bunch of pleasant and friendly fellows, most of them had been all over the globe, from north pole to the south pole.

They were all familiar with the most modern equipments and technics, related to their activity.

If they accepted you as a friend, they went out of their way to make you feel at home.

They were very well paid and taken care of, had the latest movies flown to their stations daily and had all the conveniences of life from Texas prime rib steakes to Perier mineral water bottles.

Once, I was on the main oil exporting terminal in the Persian Gulf and run into a bunch of drillers who were doing, on shore and off shore operation.

They asked me what I thought of their set up. I told them that it was wonderful and they had every thing that a person could want, except one.

They told me that I was kind a of late, because an enterprising subcontractor had brought his Swedish girlfriend to the island, and the young and blond enterprising lady had started providing R&R for the drillers at premium prices, due to the lack of the competioin.

The clients used to line up around their trailer.

The drillers didn’t mind the premium prices, becauses they were very well paid and were also loaded and bored.

They must have made a couple of hundred thousnd dollars, only working part time.

It sure beats working at as a waitress or hamberher flipper.

I asked them how did the fellow think about the whole set up.

They said, he didn’t mind it as long as he got his share of the flash and the proceeds, but he did not like being at the end of the line and usually cut the line.

It is nice to see the adoptbility of the humans to their environment.

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