The land of Ghool, Deev and Jens

If you spent even part of your childhood in Iran, you definitely remember the presence of ‘deevs’ and ‘ghools’ and other creatures such as ‘jens’ and mystical giant birds such as ‘simorgh’.

These beings or creatures were so embeded in the national culture, that even nowadays some Iranians living abroad do believe in their existance. It was some 3 years ago as I was having a conversation with a fellow Iranian and his non-Iranian wife, and we were talking about different things and all the sudden we were discussing the presence of these mysterious creatures and he very seriously said, well I know that ghools and deev are just a myth but believe me, the ‘jens’ do exist. I’m convinced they exit. To be honest I was really amazed that a dude like him that had spent most his life abroad, living in different nations, was convinced that ‘jen’ or the plural ‘ajine’ do exist. This confirmed, the deep presence of such believes in Iran, and to be honest with you, they are so convinced about ‘jens’ that I myself have my doubts about it too. I ask myself, what if they really exist? and if so, why is it most people have seen them in the public baths? If they don’t exist, why is it that most people in Iran are convinced they do? I also ask myself, what if I were a ‘jen’ and at dawn in the public bath, suddenly ran into Mr. Ahmadinejad, as a’jen’ that would scare the bejesus out of me!

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