Iranian/Persian Pride

I am amazed at the people who don’t see the western bullying Iran and their argument is nonsense saying that it’s all Arabs fault! Why? Because Arabs introduced the religion of Islam to the Iranians. Hey the hell with religion, but why are you guys so stupid as not to realize that the world is sitting and deciding what to do with Iranian regime and how to “punish” YOUR country and you sit back and defend them (the west)? The Iranian regime is for the Iranians to decide not you bullying bastards. That shows you how backward the Iranian intelligence is, when you see the groups of people (Beside the ones who are Israelis in the clothes of Iranians) say openly that we prefer an American dictator rather than Iranian/Islamist, which to them is Arabic base, that shows you how smart these Iranians are. Rightfully they say that we don’t want Arabized culture, but then stupidity of them shows when they clearly want western and American as their answer. What’s wrong with the Iranian community in the US (I don’t care about the Iranian community in Israel, their attitude is understood) I mean I understand the hate, but I can’t understand what they see as “Persian Pride”. Basically this is the outcome of their arguments:

-Arabs captured us and have ruled our culture for 1400 years and it is “our” duty to vanish 1400 years NOW.

-Arabs are bad and backward while the “Shahi” are forward. He made us look like we are more western than shameful Iranian

-As long as we have a good looking president with sexy dressed girls, who cares which regime killed and tortured. We want Shah and “Democracy”! (Oxymoron)

-America has every right to be worried about Iran because they are Mullas, and Mullas are Muslim and Muslims are all Arabs!

-Let’s Bushis attack the Mullas so we can go back and attend googoosh concert.

_We don’t want to live in Iran but we like Iran to be our once in a blue moon vacation spot, where we can go dance and fuck girls without being caught by the moral police.

– Iranians in Iran are far behind in knowledge that we have here in LA. We are American now and watch football and drink beer and want the same for our great nation.

-Cyrus the great was just like me, an open minded European!

-If Iran is powerful, that is just bullshit, they are Mullas and therefore Muslim and therefore Arabs and Arabs must go!

-Forget what Iranian nation has gained today ranging from self sufficient technological advances, more scientific papers than any country beside first world countries, More educated people in the entire region that includes the women whether they are from villages or cities (Oh for some of you guys, yes we have villages in Iran and always did!!) ; instead they say that we are superior beings since we live in Tehrangeles.

-Go Googoosh

-Oh good old days when we were free, do you remember how Shah freed us from Arabs? (Coming from mostly 20-early 30 years old!!

-akh Arabs

-damn Arabs

-damn Muslim, Islam, Arab

-Persian yeah. Cyrus the great, hmm he was good man dude, a good man.

Come on people, Iran today is a very advance country, the government has to be changed but to something more Iranian than today not back to the West. Where is your pride that you want a Western dominant culture over yours? If you are Muslim, you are Iranian Muslim and that is worth more than anyone else in the world. A villager in Iran is dearer than any individual in the west, whether he is Muslim or not. Remember where you are so you don’t get lost going forward. Pride doesn’t mean anti Arab and pro west, it means know Iran and help her to get better. Europeans (your masters) went through hell to get where they are today (2 world wars, killing millions, now can you spell savage?), how can you expect to get something for free? What kind of a person begs for “democracy”; especially from the West? (Knowing what they have done to us) if the west is so “Free” and prosperous is not because they ask the middle eastern to come and help them overthrow their dictatorial system, they did it themselves. Remember this the next time you talk about “Pride”. And do you believe this or just sing it to show:

اگر ايران بجز ويران سرا نيست من اين ويران سرا را دوست دارم

اگر تاريخ ما افسانه رنگ است من اين افسانه ها را دوست دارم

نواي ناي ما گر جانگدازست من اين ناي و نوا را دوست دارم

اگر آب و هوايش دلنشين نيست من اين آب و هوا را دوست دارم

به شوق خار صحراهاي خشكش من اين فرسوده پا را دوست دارم

من اين دلكش زمين را مي پرستم من اين روشن سما را دوست دارم

اگر بر من ز ايراني رَوَد زور من اين زورآزما را دوست دارم

اگر آلوده دامانيد اگر پاك من اي مردم شما را دوست دارم

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