Ahmadinejad’s Rhetoric

In his recent speech, President Ahamadinejad called his critics “goat”.

Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric reminds to Iranians a language of a thuggish member of the Revolutionary Guards Corps or that of a masked bouncer of Morality Police while beating and belittling people.

Ahamadinejad ‎spews odd words out either, in his view, to distract his audience or in an attempt to humiliate his critics. He does not seem to be enough intelligent to understand the logic of his opponents or the meaning of his words.

Although, Mr. Ahamsdinejad has to follow a psychiatric treatment, but some times he acts if he were not aware of his mental problems. Apparently, he feels that he is not accepted by his own people; therefore, he attempts to banally mask his incompetence for his position. This lack of self- confidence makes his attitudes more aggressive and ridiculous and by trying to boast his intellect, he sinks himself into a hectic and incoherent rhetoric in which he scares people to justify his alleged skill.

President Ahmadinejad knows, like any of his colleagues, that he is nothing but a petty puppet in the hand of the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, but he boasts as a cult leader, and as real cult leaders, he is not to recognise the individuality or rights of any critic.

The hallmark of such a leader’s manoeuvre is based on charm and charisma, but the poor man has no charisma at all. This is exactly what his psychopathological problems come from.

To compensate his incompetence, he needs to seek refuge in his unreal world. Ahamadinejad views himself the direct vassal of the Imam Mahdi or Twelver Imam, for whom he prepares the reappearance after more than a thousand years of occultation. He propagates the idea that he is being in permanent contact with him and receiving advice from him. His pathological allegations go so far that he claims “the Imam protects him with a halo of light”.

Ahmadinejad cannot accept critics, he mocks and enjoys that everything is owed to him as a right. Preoccupied with his own fantasies, he must always be the centre of attention. He boasts that he advises international leaders and he know more than any one. He presents himself as the “Ultimate One”: enlightened a vehicle of the Mahdi, a God’s gift to Muslims, a genius leader, and in the same time the most humble of the humble. He has an insatiable need for adulation and attendance. His grandiosity is of course a defence against inner emptiness, depression, and a sense of insignificance. Paranoia often accompanies the grandiosity, reinforcing the isolation and then he needs for protection against a perceived hostile environment. In this way, he pre-emptively attacks any “enemy”.

Ahmadinejad’s personality disorder is not only due to his family background or his hideous looks, which could, at worst, build a Complex of Inferiority. His aotstanding characteristic is another phenomenon, one deeply anchored in religiosity. As such, he is an Islamist who became a lumpen. “Lümpen” or lumpen is a German word used in Marxist literature to describe a fanatic who is normally from a working class, but politically is a right-wing thug. So, both Islamism and lumpanism are simultaneously character formation of such an Ahmadinejad phenomenon.

Mr. Ahmadinejad’s language disorder is of course a sign of his personality disorder, but his attitudes are predominated by effects of his Islamist-lumpanism. In general, personal disorder comes in every shape and form. No specific social category of people seems to generate more psychopaths than others. The psychopaths can be as good looking and clever as the next person with an Ahamadinejad’s looks and intelligence.

There was personality disorder by some other religious seniors of the IRI. For example, Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the IRI, was sociopathic. Despite of many advisors, he never learnt to conform himself to normal norms; his stiff glance, his dumb and mechanical gestures, the lack of his emotional traits in face, the week command of his rhetoric were all symptoms of his personality disorder. Islamic seniors like Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Khatami, Khamenei, Bani sadr, Soroush, Moein… are traditionally right, conservative and retrograde, but were not considered lumpen, as Ahmadinejad.

What mainly distinguishes Ahmadinejad from them is his outstanding lumpanism.The lumpanism is his main characteristic. This is not his only vice, but added to it his Islamism, makes out of him an Islamist lumpen, a phenomenon which can be more typical. Ahamadinejad’s Islamism, cannot offer plausible rationalisations to the real problems. This brings him into increasing conflict with the realities. His constantly deteriorating behaviour can be threatening even for his surroundings and we can witness more signs of abnormality in his attitudes, language lapses, and ridiculous gestures.

Dr. Mas’oud Noghrehkar, an Iranian psychiatrist, classifies his mental disorder in a series of articles as suffering from schizophrenia and effective narcissism.

Ahmadinejad has all typical symptoms of both social and pathological dysfunctions combined, as a product of them, he proves to be a perfect symbol of Islamist-lumpanism

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