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From Hannes Artens’ new political novel
The Writing on the Wall, in which President Jim Whitman, George Bush’s successor in the Oval Office, addresses the nation about the commencement of hostilities between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran on April 20, 2010. For this day to never come true, Artens has written
The Writing on the Wall. To learn more about this author and his book, visit or >>>Author’s Podcast

The President of the United States from the Oval Office, Washington D.C., April 20, 2010:

“My fellow citizens, at this moment we are in the midst of an aerial and naval campaign to eliminate once and for all the nuclear threat with which the Iranian regime has defied the international community for years. On my orders, the Armed Forces of the United States of America have begun to strike selected targets that form an integral part of the nuclear weapons program of the Iranian regime or are assigned to protect these facilities.

“We have always considered the deployment of the military as the ultimate last resort, when all other means are exhausted and the freedom of our nation or our allies is directly threatened. Both are the result of the Iranian regime’s inhuman, illegal and irresponsible pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. This constitutes a direct threat to the national security of the United States of America and the whole world. A threat we will meet swiftly, decisively and adequately …

“A regime with the proven record of sponsoring, directing and hosting a global network of terrorist groups such as Iran’s can never be allowed to obtain the most destructive of all weapons. The magnitude of destruction and havoc the Iranian regime would be able to unleash with nuclear weapons is beyond imagination. With a nuclear Iran, the hands of the doomsday clock would not just reach high noon but go beyond. For the peace and security of the whole world, we have to prevent such a horrific scenario from materializing …

“I can assure you, the people of Iran and the whole world that we will do everything we can to spare innocent civilians from harm. Our targets are exclusively related to the weapons of mass destruction program of the Iranian regime. This campaign is neither directed against the peace-loving and noble people of Iran nor against the ancient civilization of Persia. Nor is our battle against the religious beliefs of its inhabitants, which we respect and admire. It is directed against an unscrupulous regime that abuses the faith the Iranian people have placed in it, that abuses the mandate they have been given and threatens their peace and security as much as our own.

“We confront this regime with one agenda, our own security. We strongly believe the Iranian people are gravely misgoverned. But we also understand it is not our task to change this. It is the task of the oppressed and deprived in Iran to do so. We do not seek to invade Iran nor do we wish this deplorable state of confrontation to last longer than the Iranian people choose it. We will readily return to the negotiation table if Iran demonstrates a clear willingness to comply with its legal obligations.

“My fellow citizens, in this hour of gravest danger and grievous ordeal, I urge you to join me in my prayers for the safe and early return of our men and women in uniform. We are truly a blessed people. Blessed with a military whose patriotism, heroism and courage are shining examples worldwide and through all times. The men and women in uniform, who tonight are putting their lives at risk for our nation, our freedom, our beliefs and our way of life, stand in a long and noble tradition of the United States Armed Forces confronting those who threaten everything we hold dear. And like their fathers and grandfathers before, they will accomplish this mission with admirable valor and dedication. And I know that our moral support and prayers will equal their determination.

“Together we will weather this dangerous current, we will overcome these times of peril. And when we proudly and gratefully welcome our soldiers back home, we will do so with the strong conviction that we have prevailed. May God bless America, and the men and women of our Armed Forces defending freedom’s cause.”

When the red lights of the cameras and the teleprompter went off, President Whitman remained at his desk in the Oval Office. He recalled the famous words of British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey on August 4, 1914: “The lights are going out in Europe; we shall not see them being lit again in our lifetime.”

Tonight, April 20, 2010, the lights went off around the world. And Jim Whitman would not live to see them lit again >>>Author’s Podcast

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