Green Initiative: Dialogue of Civilizations Memorial

I was surfing the web the other day and came across this posting by Masoumeh Ebtekar, former Iranian deputy president on the Environment and Natural Resources on her blog “Green Initiative” (ebtekar-e sabz). It is in Persian obviously but I though it is nice to have a post not about war for change. She starts about Salah Zavavi, the Palestinian Authority Ambassador in Tehran who is apparently now the senior ambassador in the rank in Tehran. Ebtekar then talks about an encounter she had with him and his question about a tree he planted on behalf of the Palestinian people on a parkway named “Dialogue of Civilisation” in Pardisan area in Tehran (which I must admit have no clue which part of Tehran that is). The story continues with a flash back to when she was deputy president and had invited all foreign Ambassadors to come and bring a tree and a pack of soil from their own country to plant trees of friendship there. Then she talks about the day Ambassadors from different countries showed up with their imported tree and soil and shovels and sweating to plant them with plaques identifying each country and the tree type, etc.. She then asks readers if anybody knows what has happened to those trees and the street. Looks like the street has name change and trees are taken out during the next government’s life of office. I know that some may still have bad memories of Ebtekar (the spokesperson for embassy hostage takers), but still decided to share it as a piece you would have never seen in a US media about the Iranian heartful actions.

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