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I have recenty returned from 2 weeks holiday in Iran, I am an Australian national living in London and have Iranian friends. It was a non stop historical and cultural tour. I visited Tehran Kashan Kerman Yadz Shiraz Persepolis and Isfahn and Qom. I had a tour guide throughout who was very knowlegable on the history of ancient Persia and Iran. I met friendly warm and welcoming people everywhere I went. I enjoyed fabulous food and stayed in top hotels all the way including the wonderful Abbassi hotel in Insfahan. nowhere on my journey did I encounter any hostility from anyone, not even in the holy city of Qom, whatever complaint our governments have against Iran it is up to the Iranian people to bring about change within and not from sabre rattling politicians without.My intention is to return to Iran and explore more of this beautiful country, and meet more of it’s warm and friendly people.


Bryan Bartlett

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