You walk beside my life

Looking ahead

Lost in what has to be

What can’t be

And I look at a last love

Looking in despair

Turning away from us

And disappearing in the midnight.

I stop

the darkness swallows the biting of my heart

and I decide on separate ways

Just like a casual passer-by

Just a casual passer-by

That’s what you are

But no blame is made

No blame is fair

And I can’t understand the meaning of your smile

The meaning of your look

And your eyes searching for my eyes

And this wondering meaning of your pause

in places where I stand

And I talk to the mirror of years

From this short distance of living and losing life

And I feel the ease of words leaving my heart

And flying in the air you breathe in

And the safety of this secret you will keep

And I know that I forever will live with this feeling.

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