“Inspiration” – Well Of “Existence”

Beginning The day, Wandering With thoughts ..
Calculating All Efforts, Standing For Inspiration ..

Is There Much To Say, Or Nothing At All ..
No Toil Needed, All “Exposed” ..

As The Birds Fly, Looking For Sustenance ..
So Is My Spirit, Looking For “Inspiration” ..

Heavens Open Up, With The Voice Of Clarion ..
Angels In Sight, Bringing Bounty ..

My Mind At Ease, Spirit Willing ..
My Will Comforted, Desire Evident ..

As Though All Is Sufficient, Eagerly waiting ..
Much Patience, Lord Is Inspiring ..

All stories Told, And All To Be Told ..
All In Front Of Me, waiting To Be Told ..

Inspiration Comes From God, No where Else ..
Your Mind Is Tiny, Your Spirit Vast ..

If You Embrace God, You Embrace “Inspiration” ..
Flowing Through Universe, All “Within” You ..

Don’t discount “Spirit”, It Is All There Is ..
Without Spirit, “Nothing” ..

Come My Friend ..
“Let’s” ..

“Feast” ..
“On” ..

“The” ..
“Spirit” ..

“It’s” ..
“All” ..

“There” ..
“Is” ..

“And” ..
“Will” ..

“Be” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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