خاطرات شاطر علی

خاطرات شاطر علی سلسله یادداشتهایی است که از قول یکی از جوونهای قدیمی ساکن محله زیر بازارچه شاهپور (در منطقه بازار بزرگ تهران) نگارش شده.

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Our New Day Begins

The most noteworthy aspect of the “election game” of the 8th parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was the endeavor of those persons and

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Winning the War on Terrorism

After 9/11 the insidious pessimists like Dr. Grant Jeffrey, a prominent teacher of Biblical prophesies, tried to exaggerate the power of Islamic fanatics and proclaim

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Sin: Selected Poems of Forugh Farrokhzad گناه، گزیده ای ازاشعارفروغ فرخزاد اخیراً به همت شعله ولپی شاعرومترجم توانای ایرانی مقیم آمریکا به زبان انگلیسی برگردانده

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Sex With Iranian Women

I just came across this blog where the author lists the no-nos of behavior in a sexual relationship for women. I personally think a lot

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video: 13Bedar in Tehran

Watching thia video brings back so much memories from 13bedar back in the days, I rememberrrrrrrrrrrrr park chitgar or lavasanat and kabob, nooshabe & hendone

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The art of giving

Child Foundation held it’s 7th annual Norooz Bazaar in Los Angeles and Irvine recently. The fundraising events were very successful and hundreds of Iranians visited

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Well hung

There is no pleasure to me without communication: there is not so much as a sprightly thought comes into my mind that it does not

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ایرانیان و دیگران

بلاگهای هفتگی و در ویدئو بلاگهای فارسی خود از تجربیات روزانه اش به عنوان یک شخص ایرانی- اتریشی که در افریقا زندگی می کند صحبت

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