تقلّای رهایی

از خراسانم: که جهانی بود زان پیشتر که تیغها لقمه لقمه اش سازند نشاندن آزی بی آزرم، یا گشودن اشتهایی بی پایان را.   و

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A Fun Summer Night Fundraising

All Proceeds Benefit IWSF 2008 Berkeley Conference Dinner, Dance & Music With DJ Afsaneh When: June 8, 2008 @ 7:00 Where: Hilton Newark Fremont

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Income Tax is Voluntary by Law

Clip: Do you think there’s a law that requires you to pay income taxes? You probably do, but if you watch this interview, you

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Shayan Kaviani went too far

On Wednesday I happened to watch Shayan kaviani’s program in which he was showing some disturbing videos of crimes committed by Muslims such as beheadings of kids

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Sean Penn on US/Iraq/Iran

If America doesn’t defend its own constitution then its power cannot be used for the good of all mankind. Corruption must not allowed to take

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If you like Dariush and you live in Southern California, you can see him in concert on June 14th in Pasadena Civic Center. This song

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Step 1 completed!

Wow so I’ve all ready completed phase one (or should I start saying “uno”? :)) of my trip! I arrived in Ontario yesterday to stay

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مهر حبیبان

ای عزیزان؛ فارغ از رؤیای مست آتشی می بینم اندر دور دست چشم من بر شعلۀ آن بسته است زین سبب خواهم شدن آتش پرست.

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ebi amirhosseini

کاش ما هم دختر بودیم

From:          امام جمعه ناکجا آباد شکایت دارد از راننده‌های ماشین‌های سواری. می‌گوید آنها به‌جای اینکه آخوند‌های بی‌چاره را که سر

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