Kooh e Helen

First photo shows position of Mount Helen on the map, honoring Helen Jeffreys Bakhtiar, an American nurse, for her public health services in Charmahal Bakhtiari

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Mount Helen

[NPR audio] Imagine finding out that a nomadic tribe has named a mountain after your grandmother. My mother and I learned just that when a

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Hey goodlookin

This is Siamack Salari reporting to you from the Delta Business lounge at JFK. Why are airline staff so miserable? Even the business Elite Check

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Extreme makeover

The holy book of Muslims, the Quran, is a much discussed book in our post- 9-11 era, whether it involves Jihadist ideology, social or cultural

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Mismarriage of Convenience

It might sound inconceivable that Iran, whose leaders since 1979 have used the most venomous rhetoric against the “little Satan,” would ever moderate its stance

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به آذين و حق خاموشي

مرگ محمود اعتمادزاده «به آذين» در دو هفته ي پيش، بار ديگر مرا به ياد ستمي مي اندازد كه بر او رفت و بيش از

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What sets up apart!

During the last three decades, we’ve seen an Iran that has amazed and surpised most Iranians, as if what we see is a mutation of

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We surfed the web looking for sites that informed Iranians about the events that might interest them. But unfortunately there wasn’t much to choose from.

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12 Petals: YOUR story on film

San Francisco Bay Area, California (June 11, 2008) — 12petals Media Group, established in late 2006, is inaugurating the start of its work of supporting

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جديد رپ فارسى حرفِ زن

جديد رپ فارسى حرفِ زن tapesh-۲۰۱۲رپ تكان دهنده ى شاهين نجفى و shahin najafi & tapesh-2012 ترانه ى رپ حرفِ زن

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