…..I remember so vividly the Polonia pastry shop in Chaharbagh, I stopped there with my older brother few times a week after school to buy Ponchik or in polish Ponchki.(my wife of 7 years is polish so I know 🙂

I’m from Esfahan, I loved Mr. Polonia ,he was round and jolly ,someone all kids loved and same as his wife, they were so kind and pleasant even they were immigrants and……

Because of the Armenian community in Esfahan , they felt more comfortable there and Esfahani people treat them very kind and hospitable ………

Good ol Esfahan where in my childhood I grew up and went to school with armenians, jews and moslems and all others sat together , played football and becae great friends.

I grew up in jolfa by Zayandehrood, jaee ke hameh ba ham zendegi mikardand!

A place by the river of river livelihood(Zayandehrood) where people of all religion lived together with love and respect eachother.I remember all those people with great feeling and compassion.

Now 40 years later I’m still free of religion boundaries , but this time I’m free by observing the truth through window of science on my desk top.

i miss you Polonia

Thank you to country Poland for publishing ” Esfahan, city of Polish children” stamp.

ba sepas,


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