Sometimes the things we dread suprise us….

Plagued with insomnia at the moment I had a very  sleepless Monday night. I woke feeling completely grumpy and reluctant to start the day. As I made my coffee I noticed the sun was shining, the skies were blue and cloudless, surely that was something to be cheerful about … but no. Alas Nothing was good in the day that loomed ahead. My azizam was still away, I had nothing planned and my broken toe was giving me jip and I had no milk for my coffee! The house looked like a bomb had hit it… when did that happen?

My phone bleeped with a cry for help from my daughter ‘im ill, please take the children for me’ .. just what i needed! a 6 month old beautiful teething girl and a lively 4 year old with a bottomless pit for a stomach and more energy than he knows what to do with. How was I going to manage these two for a day feeling like this ?

As you do, I had to get on with it. I collected the kids: the baby was crying, the 4 year old wanted to be fed ‘chicken and rice please nana’ and I dreaded what the rest of the day was promising.

Later…As it turned out, we had the best day ever. The baby forgot her sore gums and was toothless smiles and giggles all day. The dynamo grandson and I entertained her with singing and dancing on the lawn, his dancing is coming on a treat, his favorite song To to to ( Elcid), played endlessly and I dont want to hear it again ever!  ( thank god the neighbours are away), we cooked kutlets and rice together, ate strawbeeries, chocolate and ice cream and painted pictures and played silly games. Azizam called and will be home Friday and we all went to bed exausted and happy.

Sometimes the days we dread end up being the best.

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