Dog freedom is asking too much

I am a vegetarian so I do not need animal doctor.

This is Iran, and people do not have lack of emotional needs and do not have shortage of support system. In the West you need a pet if you’re lonely, but not in Iran. Here, my problem is I want be left alone.

95% of people live in apartments. I have nothing against animals. I just do not like noise, like an akhond preaching or prayer noise from a stupid mosque. Of course I prefer dogs to akhonds. I can shut the dog I can not shut up the akhond.

In a country that human life or freedom of women and gays are not respected, freedom of dogs is asking too much, even from a god damn liberal like me.

I love horses and fish but cannot afford it. Do you know why I love them? They are not filthy, and do not have noise. Of course, it is a matter of economics, in a country with this many poor people, specially street kids, taking care of dogs…

I do not give a shit about religion but let’s get real. Most god damn Iranians are Moslems.

Kambiz from Rasht

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