A proverbial obsession

….I still don’t know, should I believe the rooster’s tail or your “Hazrate Abbas ‘s” swear?! I have a feeling that you’re putting me on head of the work again! But I can’t be sure, and I don’t want to lose the opportunity of being with you… You keep saying that you are honest with me, but I know you never been such in the past… It’s not the first time that I trust you and you betray me. My eye doesn’t drink water anymore. When I look back I clearly remember when I made my back-hand hot not to believe you any more….but…but here we are again and I simply can not say no to your goddamn beautiful eyes. Ahhh…what should I do? This looks like an obsession…Darn!

I know I’m making a fool out of me, but let’s hit my abdomen to the sea “…Ok. I ….ahem…Ok… I accept….I will see you there!”

I can see myself other day how regretful I am! A remorseful like a dog…! But I just said ‘Yes’, a confirmation of my weakness toward your seduction…Again!

I don’t care anymore…the water is surpassed of my head!

Let’s see what you’ve dreamed for me?! Let’s be your toy…there is a weird pleasure in it…!

Oh no!….What I just did? What she thinks about me? Ahh… I know there is no straight intestine in her abdomen and yet I’m going down the well by her rope..!

Too late…! Now the work is passed from the work!


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