Since You ASKED, Am I Leaving?

I AM DOING EXACTLY WHAT I ANNOUNCED ON MY BLOG CALLED “THE ‘DRAMA QUEEN'” DECIDES” (can’t paste link, track it…)  in RESPONSE to Qumar’s blog asking me to stay.  I re-thought it. This is the PLAN I announced:

I would stay here for TWO WEEKS to consolidate my relationships with new people I was just getting to know and to blog things I was in the middle of working on.  Then I would leave for a MINIMUM of two months during which time I would keep in contact with people off-site and brush up on my Persian.  Then I would return when I thought it was time because of a very SERIOUS personal situation HERE.  I am a person of integrity and I am CAREFUL with my language. I would NOT have used the word “pain” to describe my situation if it weren’t real PAIN.  I said I would COME BACK and then SEE if the situatino were resolved enough for me to stay.  At this point it looks like it will be.  But the jury’s still out on that…

THE TWO WEEKS END TOMORROW AND I AM WRITING MY LAST BLOG FOR SOME TIME TOMORROW. I ALREADY STARTED IT. IT’S A GOOD-BYE FOR NOW BLOG with some other things I think are IMPORTANT to say.  The name of the blog is “This Website is a Caravan of Dreams.”

NOW, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALON!E!  Bunch of barracudas and pinanhas masquerading as goldfish…the REAL goldfish are so sweet…

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