Men 101

From “Kissing all the frogs” series


Ghouls and goblins

Rostam and dragons

Neo and the sorcerer

Seemorgh and Zahaak

All live in the expanse that is my imagination


Centerfolds and pole dancers

Sexy vixens and damsels in distress

My mother and my sisters

My first girlfriend and my first lay

My woman and my friend

Improbable neighbors

Live peacefully together there

Like nowhere else in this world


I am the master of Universe

I am the hunter

I am the provider

I am the pallbearer

I am the stoic fighter


I am a little boy scared

I am a young man in love

I am a man in lust

I am an old man full of wisdom

I am a man


I love a woman’s bosom

To touch

To see

To hold in my imagination

To cry my tears of failure into

To celebrate the joy of my achievements with


I see more than I say

I feel more than you know

I bear better than you do

I share less than you do

I protect where you hurt

I help reach what you can’t reach alone


Next to my ghouls and goblins

Toys and dreams and fantasies

I hold you, my damsel, my vixen, my friend

I hold you, my woman

In the expanse that is my imagination.



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