Abyss of despair

Your pain and sorrow is deeper than the ocean

Your tears could fill the Grand Canyon full  

You are within the Abyss of despair

Deeper and deeper you sink 


The madness continues to pursue you 

As you question the why and how, of it all

You are tormented day and night

Are you ever to be set free?


You are like a nomad traveling here and there

Trying to escape his memory

Trying to find peace within yourself

Alas to no avail


Your vision has become as clouded as the mists of Avalon

You keep trying to find your path back to reality

Searching for any light to guide you back

Yet none can be found


As your heart has become as delicate as crystal

You have built a fortress around your heart

Swearing that another will not break your heart again

Always guarding against the intruder


Perhaps in time you will ease your grip on your heart

Your smile will return as bright as the sun

Your eyes will once again shine like the stars

Your joy will be child like again





Dedication: Poem is dedicated to both Rosie’s in my life.

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