Ahmadinejad vs Shah

Does any one remember Fall of 1977, White House lawn? If not, let me refresh your memory: His Imperial Majesty, Shahhanshah and Her Imperial Majesty, President Carter, and Mrs. Carter crying because of tear gas to quite Iranian students demonstration against their own monarch! Was then or now Shah that bad? Then there were 250,000 foreign students in the United States, and 50,000 were Iranian, the largest.

That demonstration was then, I assume, still largest demonstration by foreign students and largest demonstration of any kind since Vietnam. Why Iran had so many students there then? Iran had gotten money all the sudden and Shah was not able to build universities that fast, besides in or out of Iran students were his biggest headache as far as political activity. Then not only we had money, we also had political cloud, or at least we did not carry any baggage as we do now, and we could go any where we wanted. Now, compare that situation to now, AhmadiNejad, as far as I can understand it, is as hated as Kings of Ghajar.

Of course, I am not as ignorant as that caller from Andimeshk that said 90% of the people support the government, no there are a big % that I do not know how many who are stupid or get money from the government that support the government, as will be mentioned later.

Today, there are a lot more Iranians in the United States and a lot of them are wealthy and almost all are US citizen and most are not afraid of Iran’s present secret police, so today how many Iranians are going to demonstrate against Dr. AhmadiNehjad in New York? Just compare the results?

Dr. Kamrun two nights ago said that change needs to come from inside Iran, and I agreed with him, well, while I was writing this letter, it came to me that then a big part of political opposition and even leader of revolution came from outside! Did they not?! Today we might have all these TV stations and politically smart and well positioned people, but how many foot soldiers in front of UN except a goddess, called Nazanin Afshin Jam?

Well, revolutions are not done by rich people with good paying jobs, it is done by bare footed people who are hungry and really need a better jobs! Except sons of the bitches Mojahedin that almost no one supports, and I can say this by certainty since they went to bed with Saddam, no one is really that hungry to die for his cause since all workers that are covered by Tamin Ejtemaee system get automatic raises of 22% or more that are not willing to die. Worst, today Iranian youth inside are not much different than American lazy bums, these cell phone junkies are not going to raise for their cause, so things will not change unless god intervenes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some food for your thought: yesterday was 21 of god damn Ramadan, well there were hardly any god damn music in any TV station from satellite from overseas, not even in pro Bahaee station! I went for a walk, almost 30% of men, and mostly were young that got my attention had black shirts! This is a god damn religious country, and as long as we are like this we should not expect any better.

What god damn comee or otherwise said that religion is opium for brain. This religion in particular is against free thinking!

Kambiz Achaemenid

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