Is this what we are voting for?

a-  Get off your butt, create, contribute and be part of generating prosperity,

b- don’t worry, lay back and relax we’ll take care of you… Go…, do your drug (grass or whatever. If I were you I’ll do coke). Your house is taken care of, your health care is paid for, your schooling is your right. Rest assured , those mother f*ckers who worked their ass off to produce and create will cover your expenses. I guaranty it. This is the United Socialist State of Amenrica.

We will not waste your dollars fighting our friends. Al Qada will promote and fight our fight for equality.  Why should we sacrifice our own sons’ and daughters’ lives when others are willing to commit suicide to promote our cause. We have to do everything in our power to wipe out any mention of Bush in the history. This dumb, stupid redneck cowboy  has destroyed our reputation as a nation of peace. This stupid warmonger along with his cronies think that 9/11 was against Americans. They are so rotten and racist that they can’t see the fight and struggle for justice and equality.

Why can’t people see that the constitution of USSA is only a document to oppress and enslave human race. They talk about democracy (the language of the rich and the affluent) to hide their conspiracy to milk the slaves. Their time is up….we are here to claim our land….You think you worked hard to get what you have?… Think again. What you have is all mine, you robbed me. It is your turn to live in misery now.

We are here to CHANGE this land…we only follow imam Obama.


The antique dusting old fart

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