sokoot talast

Of course silence, the lack of words in social interaction ( and for the purpose of this blog, I include the written word) can be taken both ways: Postively it can mean agreement, like mindedness or consent, even disagreement. A negative connotation could for the originator represent a sign of being dis connected from what is acceptable or it could simply imply a lack of interest but in the main it might be a sign of anger or hostility.

I was watching the progress of a certain recent blog, which brought me to thinking about silence and how we use silence in social diaglogue. Kind of strange as it has featured alot in my life the past few days. As a genuine example, my best friend has a rather bitarbyat child, and I have been advising her to ignore the bad behaviour, no matter how bad and no matter how loud she screams and tries to engage her parents in attention seeking behaviour and of course to reward the ‘good’ behaviour. Basic psychology.

Silence or the lack of response can often lead the more reflective sort to contemplate on their spirituality or view point and make the necessary adjustments. Not always, but we live in hope. We also use silence to remember ….. a moment of silence for victims of a tragedy or death. We use it as a refusal to engage in our personal relationships, take  time out….. there are many uses for silence! All of them effective in their own way.

Im so proud of our community here.


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