Campaign Iran on How to Solve a Rodent Problem

Actually believe it or not I wasn’t even looking for anything on Iran, I was websearching Hiroshima, and it led me to this article from last year against attackimg Iran linked to a website called campaigniran. They have a mission statement against attacks and sanctions, and they have an e-mail address if you want to be active with them but I haven’t quite figured out what they actually do. But serendipitously, although their articles don’t come out very regularly, the one on the homepage happened to be from today and it has the funniest cartoon about Mahmood and Barack and a special friend. So I posted it as a feed but I figured since it’s also an introduction to an organization’s website that it also qualifies as a blog. So here it is:.


And well, while I’m at it, I may as well post the article on Hiroshima too. It’s John Pilger’s argument from last year against attacking Iran and it goes into nuclear history with focus on Hiroshima. It’s very very disturbing. All the lies and Japan was going to surrender anyway, how Truman called it an “experiment”, how the NYT claimed there was no radiation…how it was all really about a display of power, I guess like nuclear power politics..and..well…that part’s not so funny.


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