Iranian Idiot of the Day

In light of the recent flurry of examples to choose from, I propose that add a new category of post called “Iranian Idiot of The Day”.

To quaify, you have to have done something truly ridiculous and moronic, and hurt or embarassed the general image of yourself and/or Iranians.

Although, feel free to nominate anyone you feel is simply an Idiot if you feel really strongly about it.

To those idiots nominated, I request you take it with a grain of namak and suck it up and take the ridicule that you know you deserve. To prove this doesn’t really hurt, I offer myself as the first idiot.

I am an idiot because I have had the audacity to question and actually suggest that some Iranians are Grade A, 1st Class idiots, thereby opening the door of scrutiny to our individual actions that have a detrimental effect on our somewhat honorable but struggling collective image.

I am proud to be the first idiot. One of many I hope will be honored shortly!

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