Hope chest

Each time I look upon an infant

I wish him a life beyond

What I had, made, and did not

And I ponder what would I do

If I did have a child….

I would knit him a pair of socks and say:

“May your tiny feet be

Always toasty and warm”

To keep you grounded and present

May you always be standing tall .

He grew in my watery world

Getting ready to enter yours

He’ll need a clear umbrella

That keeps him safe

In thunder, and in storms.

Magic umbrella can fly him high

off the cliffs or off  stairways

Won’t bewildered if its rainy

It’s only  tears of sky .

Then I pondered how to give him

An unfailing antidote

To boredom, disenchantment

A “magic wand”, He’ll know

He can dream and manifest…


The magic wand I give him

Has a crystal ornament

So when he points it upward

Can catch the rays of the sun

He’ll have a thousand rainbows

Reflecting joy and fun.


A hope chest made of red wood

Would be my final gift

In which, I fill, to its golden rim

My eternal purest love.

If I did have a child …

— Soheyla Marzvaan   

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