IRANIAN.COM – Readers’ Delight

It’s alright. It’s alright
Guess what, future is bright
So many examples I can cite
Still it is a reader-writer delight

Readers are elite to erudite
It shouldn’t be fight or flight
Leaves you polished as granite
Now it is at networking height

Wordy passions it does ignite
Write on jarocite to juncite
For aspiring writers, it is a knight
For wannabes, a guiding light

Fans, commentators display their might
It’s always a day, never night
Find here all – similar or opposite
Comments could be profane to polite

Response is wild, at times quite quiet
Wish to hear poems as they recite
Earlier it was a reader-writer site
Uploading glitches make it tight

Over the writing, like minds unite
Unusual topics – vitrite to vulcanite
Artistic forms – black to white
Creativity always does xcite

Global reach – Iranians to Yemenite
It is evolving, it is the zeitgeist

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