Rumi’s Wine

When mist of past clouds your heart

When memories pierce like swords heated in flame

When broken vows empty your soul

When there’s no one to be blamed

Your heart slams its doors

On enchantments of pure love

It no longer can fathom

Further pain or harder fall  

On surface, all is goodness

You’ve joined the mass elite

Some shallow joy will follow

Lust, kiss, but bitter sweet

You live not knowing how so

The wounds get healed in fact

Until despair’s long arrow

Explodes the dreams intact

Blood spills on sand and scatters

Your soul into illusion

Is mind or heart my master?

Madness, hollowness, confusion

Not far before enlightened,

Pain’s tactfully disguised

That, is the reason my love

It brings you much demise;

How else will you be able,

To taste the love divine?

How else will you be a drunkard,

With Rumi’s sweetest wine?

— Soheyla Marzvaan

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