I Am Here To STAY

What say you readers, ay!
This is me, this is my bay
To me, words are like clay
They decay or make my day

My life is a beautiful essay
Words make me fly or fray
They make me grey or gay
As sun shines, I say hurray

Nothing to identify – immunoassay
With happy heart, I walk like jay
All my friends, Kevin to Kay
Have enjoyed wherever we lay

Life has been good, if I may
To life, I can never say nay
It’s all fine. It’s all okay
It’s all pleasure and play

With no harbour, no quay
Lots of hope and bright ray
What more could I say
It’s like fruits on a tray

I am there from India to USA
I am here to stay, not vacate
It’s lovely. It’s my way
As detailed as an X-ray

I can always wave and say yay
Right from Zanzibar to Zalau

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