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I have been going through all my writings I’ve posted since I came here. One of them in particular seemed very important for your online community so I thought I should repost it. It was written last summer under the Rosie T. account and it is a study I made of this website’s rankings on google. I only listed when the website  came up as a hit on the first page of google. If wikipedia came up before i.c, I didn’t count it since obviously people who want a very general backgound on a topic will usually go there on their own before doing a google search. And in fact, very often i.c. came up before wiki. The reason I wrotee the original blog was to try to tell people again what I’d always said: the world is watching this website so when the threads start getting ugly try to cool it.  

I think you will be amazed at how high some of the hits are.  Of course the rankings have changed a lot in a year (naturally google rankings are constantly in flux), but overall the basic point hasn’t changed. For instance, at the time of the original  blog the ranking for “Iran” itself for this website was surprisingly 6; now the site doesn’t come up on at least the first three pages.On the other hand, “Iranian painting”, which at the time did not show up on the first page, is now ranked first. Likewise , Iranian photgraphy, which didn’tshow up then, is now ranked 4. While Iranian film, then second, is now first, and Shamloo, then second, moved all the way down from 2 to….4. But Googoosh moved up from 8 to 4. I only compared those I just mentioned with last year’s rankings, but I also threw in Akhavan Cemetry. It is first and second. Iranian blogging is second. And Iranian music is also second. 

In general contemporary cultural topics are the ones that rank high; iI you do a search on say, ‘Iran elections” or “Mousavi” you’ll get the major news sources on the first pages. And again, if you try out this game yourself, obviously many cultural topics won’t rank on the first page, but you have to remember that there are also many that you’re not trying.Iranians of the Day tend to rank very high on the first page of google, since they are often just ordinary people, but they aren’t always.I just did today’s Iranian of the Day, Kamran Atabaki, who is running for election, and it ranked second. 

In any case  you have to admit that when Iranian film, Iranian painting and Akhavan Cemetery both rank first now, and Shamloo now third, that the world is watching i.c.  And in general things which are posted on this website appear on google almost immediately.  anyway, I only included the list here rather than the entire text of the original blog  (editing out the tonguei n cheek ones such as “IRI stooge” and “Iranian monarchist idiot’) so I could make the point more clearly  (But I couldn’t resis keeping “Ahmadinejad idiot”.



Iranian poetry 1,2

Iranian film 2

Shamloo 2

Persepolis Maryam Satrapi  1,2 

Iranian sex1 

LalehSadiq(carracer) 1

SCE Canpaign 1,2

IRI apologist 1, 2  

Persian Farsi debate 1, 2

Freddy Mercury Persian 3

Shirin Neshat 4 .

Dick Davis, Shahnameh 4 

Sadeq Hedayat Blind Owl 4

Iranian American intermarriage 4

Persian pornography 4

Iran Contemporary Art 5

Mossadegh 6

Shapour Bakhtiar 6

Kiosk band 6

Farah Diba Pahlavi 7

Makhmalbaf 7

Kiarostami 7

Ebadi Nobel Prize 7

Googoosh 8

Iran 9

Iranian cartoons 9

Iranian women sexy 9

Ahmadinejad idiot 9

Persian cooking 10

Forough Farrokhzad 10

Iranian gardening 11




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