Loyal Angels

It’s hard to decide whether I was blessed or cursed to make my way to Vafa Animal Shelter, the ‘only’ animal shelter/sanctuary in Iran. It is situated on a 4,000 square meter plot in Hashtgerd, near Karaj. They have the capacity to house 50 to 60 dogs. It was all good in the beginning when they started with a few dogs, but before they knew it they found themselves in high demand of abandoned and abused dogs in desperate need of medical attention, a meal or even just a safe place to recover from abuses and harassments. The dedicated ‘angels’ who manage and volunteer at Vafa Shelter now house over 300 dogs who were lucky enough to be adopted by them.

I managed to collect some donations from friends and family in US before heading to Iran. I hand delivered a total of $840 to the director of the shelter, Mrs. Esna Ashari. A drop in the bucket. They struggle with the most basic expenses to run this “najess” place (unclean as the government calls it). Their truck- the only way to move  the dogs to the shelter, as well as transporting food for them from the slaughter house- which needs to be done daily since they do not have electricity, hence refrigeration, needs major maintenance. Every dog, depending on their medical needs and health,  costs the shelter between $15 to $25 a month. Needless to say they get absolutely no support from the government.

I believe that even if there was such thing as a curse, with good deed it can be turned into blessing. Together, let’s ease their sufferings. Over the past years, many of you have gotten to know me well enough to know that my love for animals has no boundary. Also, my integrity comes highly validated. That is why I dare to turn to you. I am asking you, based on your trust in me, and kindness of your heart towards God’s Creature, to help me help these selfless people take care of unfortunate animals. They can use any help they can get. Any dollar amount will help – even if it’s just 1 dollar.

Imagine if every Iranian.com reader who is an animal lover sends in at least $1 each, it will add up! Please contact me at (kfravon@yahoo.com)  with your questions and concerns. If you are ready to send your dollar (or more), my address is  5483 Copeland Lane, San Jose, CA 95124, USA. Please note Mrs. Motamedi, Founder of Vafa is my contact in Canada who will help me get the funds to dear Mrs. EsnaAshari who will spend it in the most appropriate way.


Alos for those of you who may not have seen this clip on JadidOnline, it’s a must see! 

— Faranak Ravon

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