Please help

Recently Sepah passdaran has created the website gerdab (vortex in persian – in order to identify and capture our brothers and sisters who are fighting for the freedom of us all in Iran.

To foil this satanic project please help. There are two rational ways to fight back

The first one:

1. From an anonymous email, post a message to
2. From this email send just one single message
3. Choose one (and maximum two photos) from their site
4. And write a fake name and address in Tehran for the chosen photo, don’t choose a conspicuous name

The second one:
1. Download the program GiveOurVoteBack.exe from
2. Install it and write the address when it asks Input URL
3. The program will then send a request to the server hosting the site every second. The idea is to bring down the server. It will happen if we are a lot.

Don’t let your brothers and sisters feel alone in their struggle with the Devil.

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