Anonymous no more

Anonymous comments are history! Yes, from today only registered users can leave comments.

I’ve never had a problem with anonymous comments. When the current format was launched two years ago, I was very much in favor of them. The site did not have many registered users and the great majority of the comments were anonymous. Today, however, the majority of comments come from nearly 5,000 registered users.

That does not mean anonymous comments are going away. Registered users usually do not use their own name and therefore are in fact anonymous. The only difference is that comments from registered users get published immediately — no more waiting to get approved.

With the end of anonymous comments, there will be no need to moderate comments either, not directly at least. From now on, YOU will be the moderator. Every registered user can click on the “flag” link under comments and let us know if there’s profanity, personal attacks or anything that requires attention. The flagged comment will be reviewed and a decision will be made to leave it or remove it.

I look forward to your comments.

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