Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama

Like hundreds of thousands of Iranian-Americans I voted for you. I believed in your message of peace, hope and change to put people ahead of the politics. I thought you were at the right side of the history and your vision for our future on Earth from Green Energy to taking care of people’s health resonated to many of us who migrated from Iran. Back then, I even supported your “carrot and stick” policy and talk with Iran’s government on the subject of Nuclear Energy.

Then the Iranian election happened. It was clear that the whole world, including your administration and your intelligence services were all caught off guard by the message and size of the peace movement in Iran. That movement delivered exactly what you had been preaching to the people of the world when you spoke in Germany last summer or presented your vision to Moslems a couple of months ago in Egypt.

The degree of brutality of how Iran’s illegitimate government responded to peaceful marches and how the election was stolen demanded action from the world leaders. While sympathizing with the demonstrators is a nice gesture, it is not an action that would produce any impact in helping the people of Iran. You, your administration and your western allies have gotten entangled with the fear of “not to give excuse to the Iranian government to blame people’s movement on America and the west.” In fact, the Iranian government has used the potential Nuclear Energy Development negotiations as a bait to stop you and other western leaders from doing what is Just and what is Right and what is needed.

As the demonstrators have disappeared, now the talk is to place all those arrested and the leaders of the “Green Movement” on trial. What will surely follow be executions and more tortures.

Mr. President, what will you do if hundreds of people get condemned to death and their leaders imprisoned for life or send for execution?

Will your answer be more sympathy and more outrage while continue to plan to meet the illegitimate government of Iran to negotiate Nuclear enrichment?

Mr. President, how your administration and your allies have reacted to the just cause of Iranian people is not just embarrassing and disappointing. Your positions till now have placed you in the “wrong side of history”.

There are many actions you as the leader of the free world could take that will in fact help and impact the movement without you “meddling” with what is Iran’s internal affair. Here are a few suggestions:

– First and foremost, neither you nor any Western government should recognize the illegitimate government of Ahmadinezad.

– Put pressure through Russia and China to free political prisoners in Iran.

– Team up with Europe and place a global ban on selling any technology that could be used against the people of Iran. Specifically, telecommunication technologies that assist the Iranian government to identify the protestors, read their messages and monitor SMS, emails, chats and like should be as banned as selling arms to Iran.

– Demand a full disclosure for all vendors that have sold such telecommunication technologies. Let’s identify who has sold what to Iran and how much damage measured in lost lives have they caused. Start with Nokia and LG and Samsung.

– Ask all European governments to reduce their staff to minimal in Iran and put political pressure on the Tehran government. Consequently, Iran would need to reduce her diplomatic personnel to minimum in Europe. This act will have a huge impact on legitimizing or lack thereof the government.

– Stop your administration to pretend nothing has happened in Iran as they have stated they would continue to discuss the nuclear issue with Ahmadinezad’s government. Granted at some point you would need to do that but as pavements of Iran’s streets are still red with Iranian blood of those striving for democracy, your administration statements have restored some legitimacy to Ahmadinezad government.

– Put additional economical pressure on the Iran government through World Bank and United Nation.

Honduras army kicked her President of the county and overnight, ambassadors were called back and World Bank reacted harshly. Those are real actions. Sympathetic words do not help anyone in Iran.

Mr. President, you are faced with a great international test. The choice is clear and you have to take side. In one hand you have a nation with long history in civilization and thirst for democracy that have braved her best children of all ages to protest one of the most brutal governments of our generation. On the other hand you have an illegitimate government that has a single card, Nuclear Enrichment, and is using it to pacify you, make you look weak and continue to silence Iran’s citizens.

Whose side are you?

What are the measured and real actions that you would take?

Iranians have asked for their votes back they casted in June election.

Many of us Iranian – Americans despite great affection for you and your announced programs last fall are beginning to wonder if we should “ask for the votes we gave for you back?”

President Obama,

With your concrete actions, show all that you are on the right side of history, the people side and against dictators.

We still have great faith in you but it is time for you to answer the call of humanity and human rights.

With great respect and hope that your deeds would speak louder than your words,

Jahangir Azami

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