Consciousness, for some a worldly trait

A world, we all dictate. Yet…

A few are free of this earth

Those who transcend this state

In seconds death arrives

In seconds lives can change

In seconds you lose your soul

Your life spent in cage

In days the innocent child dies

The faster that he learns

To follow your rules and games

He too will kill, in hate, he remains

Then one after another

We carve our separate beings

So solid in our minds

That my Gods are better than that of yours

No unity, we’re separate

We’re different in disguise

The righteous, the silent death, welcomes duality

 Deny source, you must hate, must destroy

Destroy totality , hell with commonality

Don’t put more logs on fire

And hope for distant freedom

Give love, and shine like “Mitra”

Sun, true light, that Divine “Meehan”

Roar like the “lion” that you are

Make goodness from “Ahreeman”

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