Lost Game

To the wind I look

standing outside

awaiting you


awaiting you with dreamy eyes

here behind all that is next to lost, I stand hopeless

awaiting for the wind to leave

without you

playing a lost game

wondering when, where to

wondering why?


Frozen in a hallow dream, my eyes will live on

I see you come back a thousand times

a thousand times

to cry on invisible shoulders

of understanding



I see you fallen sleep in this cool shadow of unknown

this dying summer

breathless, heartbroken

I see you walk in wonder

alone to the four walls that will fall to a last cry

when I discover your absence


I see you from behind this unfair share of window

standing tall

watching days go by

playing this lost game

awaiting a warm hand frozen in time

awaiting the moment of hail


The fall will fall on me heavy I know

the fall will take away my wings of hope

and will bury them in the garden

where birds gather in dusk

to recite the Spring

Ah why the creation?

Why ?



Farah Afshari

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